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January 9, 2024
Update on the safety of our farming communities

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our hearts weigh heavy with the events unfolding in Israel and Gaza. The pain and suffering endured by innocent lives is beyond comprehension.

We hold in our thoughts that many of the farmers and partners with whom we work are based in Israel and Palestine. Kibbutz Samar is in the southernmost area of the Negev desert, and the Kibbutz and its members are all physically safe. They have welcomed close to 100 refugees from the affected kibbutzim and are simultaneously grieving the loss of many colleagues and friends. On Monday, Building Together Chairman Ben Jablonski and board member Rula Abu-Rajab had a Zoom call with people from Kibbutz Samar to express our deepest condolences and unwavering support. Additionally, Ben spoke with our Palestinian partners, who are also safe for now, in mourning and praying for us all, but they are also apprehensive about what the future might have in store.

We all remain steadfastly committed to the shared vision of building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between Palestinians and Israelis through our projects. Through our tears and sorrow, this important and impactful work is continuing.

Our sincerest prayers go out for the safety of all in the region. In solidarity with all who cherish the sanctity of human dignity,

Building Together

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