Our Story

At its core, Building Together is a community organization focused on fostering working relationships and mutual respect between Israelis, Palestinians, and supporters around the globe. In the United States, Building Together unites Americans of all faiths to promote dignity, empowerment, and peace, while supporting our work in the Middle East. 

The Building Together story began when founder Ben Jablonski, inspired by the involvement of the American Jewish Community whose pressure led to the Soviet Union releasing hundreds of thousands of Jewish people (including his family) from its borders. The idea that well-meaning citizens within the United States could be a powerful global agent for good stuck with him, and took hold of his mind as he entered the world as a young adult. This resulted in the creation of Building Together. Today Building Together has a diverse board of Muslims, Jews and Christians committed to improving the lives and futures of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Our current initiative is working with two date farming communities, one Palestinian and one Israeli. These two communities have agreed to partner to develop a joint product, “Building Together Date Honey.” Honey from dates is honey referred to when describing the “land of milk and honey.”

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