For Immediate Release
May 27, 2021

Building Together Statement on Recent Strife

Farmers at the Kibbutz Samar, part of the Building Together family, gathered in May and held up a handmade sign in Arabic that reads, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Building Together provides a platform through which Palestinians and Israelis can build a future alongside each other. As an organization that believes in bridging differences, we stand for dignity, equality and strong connection, especially in these perilous times. We condemn all acts of hatred and violence that harm innocent people on both sides. Thankfully, the Palestinian and Israeli farmers we work with are safe, unharmed in recent conflict. They remain committed to our mission of progress, respect and collaboration.

We work with Palestinian and Israeli date farmers to create and support tangible projects that improve lives on the ground. For example, with the assistance of Building Together, farmers are establishing date honey factories on both sides of the border. This project will bring equal economic benefits and improve lives, and, ultimately, help to cultivate peace where there is now strife.

Building Together engages Americans of all faiths to foster connection and support our work in the Middle East. The men and women we work with recognize that they share the sun and water necessary to grow their crops and know that they must find common ground in order to share the land.

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